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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

We’re the global talent tech leader because of our people. By valuing every person for their unique perspectives, experiences and knowledge, it allows you to bring your most authentic self to Radancy. We pride ourselves in the diverse, inclusive and equitable culture we’ve nurtured by fostering a deep sense of belonging within our global workforce. When we work together, we’re able to develop and deliver the best technology for our customers. We want you to learn from your colleagues, advance your career and feel connected to our meaningful work in technology.

Employee Resource Groups

Just as Radancy is committed to supporting our customer’s success with innovative technology solutions. Radancy’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an extension of our internal commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable workforce. Our employee-led groups focus on developing short- and long-term initiatives to support career growth, spaces for open dialogue, mentoring opportunities and community support.

Women in Leadership


Women in Leadership is committed to expanding and advancing opportunities for women within the world of work and developing structured support for career growth within our company and the tech industry.


Guided by insights from our employee base, available research, and data on effective inclusion and culture change practices, we aim to develop programs and initiatives that focus on the following objectives:

  • External Commitment

    Engage in activities as a member of a community that supports the development of girls and women around the world.

  • Support and Development

    Develop and retain female employees, supporting career advancement goals and creating equitable pipelines to leadership positions within the company.

  • Equitable Representation

    Ensure equitable representation of our female thought leaders, which helps build their personal brand.

Equity and Openness Affinity Group


The Equity and Openness Group is committed to fostering an innovative company culture where everyone feels like they have a voice, the tools and support they need for career development and ability to contribute to Radancy's commitment to advocating for equity in the communities where we live and work.


Guided by best practices, insights from our employee base and available research, we are focused on improving equity and company culture through the following objectives:

  • Collective Understanding

    Develop an awareness of and give a voice to the lived experiences of our colleagues from non-majority backgrounds.

  • Equitable Workforce

    Develop and retain employees from underrepresented backgrounds by supporting their career advancement goals, and creating equitable pipelines to leadership positions.

  • Community Support

    Support local organizations and activities that provide structural services for underserved communities.

Innovation, inclusion and growth

As a leading technology organization, we offer robust, continuous training opportunities for every level of our workforce.

  • Foundational Workforce Education: Focused on understanding the neuro-psychological underpinnings of unconscious bias.
  • Manager Education: Deepened competencies of inclusive practices for our workplace, and development of role model patterns of behavior aligned with fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging.
  • Ongoing Education: The Inclusion Insights learning series focuses on a variety of topics in support of a more inclusive workplace.
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